Read a letter from Ben to book clubs.

1. I was originally motivated to write COUP D’ÉTAT out of a sense of curiosity about what actually occurs during a coup.  Have you ever wondered what happens during an actual coup?

2. Richard Nixon apparently considered trying to use the U.S. military to attempt a coup in the U.S. just before resigning.  Could a coup ever occur in the U.S.?

3. Did you know Pakistan and India had fought three wars against each other and were bitter enemies?  Have you ever visited either country?

4. Pakistan is 97% Muslim.  Do you believe, as I do, that it is highly probably that someday Pakistan will elect a radical Islamist ‚Äì in the mold of Ayatollah Khomeini ‚Äì as their leader?  Does this concern you?

5. In POWER DOWN, Dewey is dragged reluctantly into a situation he has no desire to be in; in COUP, he is asked by his government to help out and agrees to.  Do you want Dewey to continue evolving and become even more involved in U.S. covert activities?

6. Dewey and Jessica have begun to have feelings for each other; what do you think of this?

7. Dewey has run off to Australia to get away.  Have you ever been to Australia?  Where would you run off to if you wanted to get away from it all?