The last refuge - Quotes and reviews

As with his first two books, Coes spins a taut tale of nonstop action and intense suspense that will keep readers turning the pages until the end. He has woven together a novel of fiction that’s The Last Refugefrighteningly plausible and has the feel of authenticity on every page.

In Dewey Andreas, the author has created a hero who’s credible, likable and who we want to win in the end. He’s a character we cheer for from Page 1.

From the first book in the series, I’ve found Andreas to be his own standalone protagonist that has a little bit of James Bond and Mitch Rapp and a sliver Gabriel Allon in him. If you’re a lover of political thrillers that are set against a backdrop of international intrigue, you won’t be able to put “The Last Refuge” down. It’s a scorching read.

Having worked in the White House as a presidential speech writer for President Ronald Reagan and President George H.W. Bush, Coes has had a rare opportunity to have been a witness to power.

He has had direct exposure to the process of presidential decision-making, and as such, he writes with the unique experience and authority of one who has seen those things that the rest of us can only imagine.


[The Last Refuge] is my favorite novel in at least a decade. The writing was inherently masculine, brilliantly crafted.

- Elizabeth Backney, Huffington Post


“The Last Refuge” is a winner, and it will keep readers turning the pages.

– The Associated Press


“The Last Refuge” is another winner from a writer who is a rising star among the ranks of the literary world’s most successful authors of the international thriller.”

– Paul Collins, The Nashua Telegraph


“Let me say that this book is on my list as one of the best military and counterterrorism thrillers, right up there with Clancy’s The Teeth of the Tiger and Forsyth’s The Afghan. This genre is difficult because more inside information and diligent, painstaking research are required than for most thrillers. At the same time, the author’s prose has to move the action forward and his characters need to jump off the page. Mr. Coes has done an admirable job in all these aspects.”

– Steve Moore, Thriller and Science Fiction author


“A fantastic story by Ben Coes and a terrific follow-up on his first two suspenseful books.”

– Cy Hilterman, Bestsellers World


“If you enjoy political thrillers/mysteries you will love this book…. Ben Coes has done a fabulous job of placing the reader right in the middle of the action.”

– Book ‘EM Danno Book Reviews


“This is one of the best thrillers I have read in a long time…I recommend this book to the permanent library of any reader who loves an excellent thriller.”

– Roberto Mattos, Books and Movies Blog.


“Dewey is always a step ahead of me in his problem-solving. I spent much of the book trying to figure out why he did some of the creative stuff he did, only to see it all wrapped up nicely in the end. What a great read. Don’t–really, I mean it–don’t miss this.”

Jacqui Murray, Book Reviewer