Read a letter from Ben to book clubs.

1. Why did Dewey leave the United States?  He could have come back at any time, why do you think he doesn’t?

2. What would it be like to live on an offshore oil platform?  How long could you do it for if you absolutely had to?

3. How vulnerable is the U.S. to an attack on our economic infrastructure, such as dams,oil rigs, refineries, and factories?  Would it surprise you if a news report came out that the government had stopped terrorists attempting to destroy a dam, oil rig, refinery, or factory inside our borders?
4. In Cali, Dewey must perform emergency surgery on himself to remove a bullet that would have caused him to bleed to death.  Could you do this if you were in a similar predicament?

5. Dewey was once married, long before the book begins, but his wife, Holly, died.  What do you think it would be like to be married to Dewey?  Do you think he will ever get married again?  Should he?

6. Savoy pressures the FBI to racially profile Arabs working at U.S. nuclear power plants.  How does this make you feel?  Do you agree with Savoy?

7. Fortuna is embedded inside a large hedge fund, his terrorist background unknown to his colleagues and friends.  Do you think such a thing is possible?  Do you think there are terrorists in our midst?

8. After Dewey captures Karim, he renditions him to Teterboro Airport, where government interrogators use lethal pharmaceuticals to elicit information from him.  What do you think of this?  Should the government be allowed to torture someone who they are highly confident possesses knowledge about an imminent terror threat?

9. Should Jessica and Dewey hook-up?

10. Who would you vote for as President of the United States:  Dewey, Ted Marks, or Jessica?  Keep count of the votes, I’m interested!

11. If they make a movie, who should play Dewey?  Keep the list, I’m interested!