“Coes delivers his best effort to date…Highly recommended.”
Booklist (starred review)

“Heart-pounding…Coes is a master at creating extended scenes of intense mayhem, and Dewey is a hero who will have patriotic readers standing in their seats cheering.”
-Publishers Weekly

“An exceptional American hero story.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Novels featuring Dewey Andreas are among life’s guilty pleasures.”
-Library Journal

“Oh my. Be fair warned: Begin this book and clear your calendar…A thrilling, nailbiting read.”


[The Last Refuge] is my favorite novel in at least a decade. The writing was inherently masculine, brilliantly crafted.

- Elizabeth Backney, Huffington Post

“The Last Refuge” is a winner, and it will keep readers turning the pages.

– The Associated Press

“The Last Refuge” is another winner from a writer who is a rising star among the ranks of the literary world’s most successful authors of the international thriller.”

– Paul Collins, The Nashua Telegraph

“Let me say that this book is on my list as one of the best military and counterterrorism thrillers, right up there with Clancy’s The Teeth of the Tiger and Forsyth’s The Afghan. This genre is difficult because more inside information and diligent, painstaking research are required than for most thrillers. At the same time, the author’s prose has to move the action forward and his characters need to jump off the page. Mr. Coes has done an admirable job in all these aspects.”

– Steve Moore, Thriller and Science Fiction author

“A fantastic story by Ben Coes and a terrific follow-up on his first two suspenseful books.”

– Cy Hilterman, Bestsellers World

“If you enjoy political thrillers/mysteries you will love this book…. Ben Coes has done a fabulous job of placing the reader right in the middle of the action.”

– Book ‘EM Danno Book Reviews

“This is one of the best thrillers I have read in a long time…I recommend this book to the permanent library of any reader who loves an excellent thriller.”

– Roberto Mattos, Books and Movies Blog.

“Dewey is always a step ahead of me in his problem-solving. I spent much of the book trying to figure out why he did some of the creative stuff he did, only to see it all wrapped up nicely in the end. What a great read. Don’t–really, I mean it–don’t miss this.”

 Jacqui Murray, Book Reviewer


“High concept meets high octane in this brilliantly executed thriller. Envision Clancy, Forsyth, and le Carré all writing in their prime… then kick in the boosters. Coup d’État is fantastic and Ben Coes blows the competition away!”

—Brad Thor #1 New York Times bestselling author of Full Black

“A book that will keep you up at night–first with the titillation of a great read, then with dread that Ben’s plot might not be all that imaginary.  A sumptuous dessert for a thriller reader.”

— Brian Haig, New York Times bestselling author of The Capitol Games

“Coes’s exciting sequel to Power Down explores an all-too-plausible conflict in Asia. The plot sizzles with action, and the details have an authentic ring that put this thriller a cut above the pack.”

— Publishers Weekly

“A former speechwriter for George H.W. Bush, Coes snared thriller readers with his tough and bloody Power Down. They’ll be waiting for his new title, featuring Power protagonist Dewey Andreas, who goes looking for a little peace and quiet in Australia and instead finds assassins on his tail. He also gets a request to stage a coup that will unseat the new Pakistani president, an extremist cleric who’s picking a fight with India. So what else is new? For all slam-bang lovers.”

— Library Journal

“Ben Coes’ Coup d’État was an awesome book! There so much action packed inside this book that it was almost unreal. It was almost like reading a script from a movie from all the detail and action! And that cover is astonishing. The only thing that might turn people away from this book is the bad language.”

“Dewey Andreas is just a great character. Coes described him as I imagined. So many things are loaded in this book! Like a nuclear response, escaping a country, and a group of assassins… what more could any action and thriller book have? I really did enjoy Dewey has a character. He wasn’t perfect or a bad person either. It was really mind-blowing how creative Ben Coes has made this story. I recommend this book.”

— YA Book Reviews


“Power Down is terrific! With a gripping story, compelling characters, a relentless pace and nerve-wracking suspense, Power Down is one of the must-read thrillers of the year.  Don’t miss this debut of novelist Ben Coes and the introduction of Dewey Andreas–you’ll devour this one and wait anxiously for their return.”

— Vince Flynn, New York Times bestselling author of American Assassin

“This debut thriller from former White House speechwriter Coes—one of the most visceral, gut-wrenching, blood-soaked, and flat-out brutal novels currently on the market—will have audiences gasping for air right up until the very end. Well done, Coes—don’t make us wait too long for the next appearance of this dynamic character. An essential acquisition.”

— Library Journal

“Coes pumps new heat, blood, and flat-out action into a well-worn premise–terrorists are out to break America by attacking its energy resources–in his frighteningly plausible thriller debut. Readers will eagerly await Coes’s next effort and hope for Dewey Andreas’s return.”

— Publishers Weekly

“Power Down, the debut novel of Ben Coes, is one of those rare, glue-in-your-seat books. Sit down, pick it up, and start reading. You aren’t going anywhere for anything until you finish it.”

“Coes was a speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan, so it goes without saying that he knows how to communicate. Power Down demonstrates that Coes has few if any equals when it comes to telling a story. He takes on a number of divergent subjects — oil drilling, hydroelectric power, international politics, information systems, weaponry, hedge funds — and incorporates all of them into a fascinating and terrifying story that tastes, smells and feels all too real.”

“Coes provides an exciting, plausible and terrifying scenario for the United States and the world at large that will set your head spinning and make you like it. This is one book you will not want to miss under any circumstances.”

— Book Reporter, Joe Hartlaub

“A ripping thriller from an exciting new novelist.  Power Down kept me glued, turning the pages.  Lots of action, a terrific hero, and a slimy villain–thrillers don’t get any better.”

— Stephen Coonts, New York Times bestselling author of The Disciple

“I loved Power Down! It’s a fresh, exciting thriller and the action scenes are big, vivid and authentic, at times even breathtaking.  An impressive debut for Ben Coes.  I was blown away.”

— David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author of Creepers and creator of Rambo

“Power Down marks the emergence of a major new talent in the political thriller genre—no small feat in a field already packed with big names like Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, and David Baldacci. In terms of sheer entertainment value, author Ben Coes and his hero, the unusually but memorably named Dewey Andreas, are easily and immediately competitive with the very best the thriller field has to offer.”

“Power Down is a straightforward, fast-paced, and exciting story in the tradition of Tom Clancy and Stephen Coonts. The central threat is realistic and dramatic and feels like it could appear in tomorrow’s headlines. Coes uses a creative mixture of research and imagination, the result of which is a mostly realistic and believable terrorist scenario that is as frightening as it is plausible.”

“Coes, who used to be a White House speechwriter, demonstrates good command of language and has a sense of story pacing that is surprising for a first-time fiction author. The characters are likeable, if a bit formulaic, and there are a few welcome surprises in the cast, such as the patriotic head of the American energy conglomerate, and the villain, whom Coes paints with a decent back-story motivation rather than resorting to cartoonishness. Objectionable material is minimal but not absent; sensitive readers should be prepared for lots of violence and some inexplicit sexual content.”

“In an uncertain—not to say depressing—real-world economic and political environment, it’s refreshing to read a story where the characters, for the most part, respond the way you wish people would in real life. Power Down is a great debut and should easily secure a place on the best-seller lists and atop the thriller market.”

— The Fiction Addict

“Ben Coes’ debut novel, Power Down, is a winner. He captivates the reader from page one. This story is very relevant considering the price of gas in America today.”

“The characters are extremely well developed. The reader is able to formulate the characters view of life and current issues. They form a kinship with the good guys and will grow to despise the bad guys.”

“For a debut novel Coes will have a lot to live up to with his next book. Considering the topic will be the India/Pakistan conflict with America right in the middle of it, he should have no trouble. Power Down is a political thriller that is the mold of a Nelson DeMille, Brad Thor, and David Baldacci book. It is powerful, relevant, fast paced, and suspenseful. A book the reader will definitely not want to put down.”

— Blackfive, Elise Cooper