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NYT Bestselling Author of The Russian

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  • Coes delivers another outstanding novel featuring Special Forces hero Dewey Andreas. The pages fly, the surprises are numerous. Coes is one of the few authors who knows how to turn the world of black ops into compelling, realistic fiction and he's getting better and better!
    — Booklist on FIRST STRIKE (starred review)
  • One of the must-read thrillers of the year!
    — Vince Flynn on POWER DOWN
  • First Strike is without a doubt Coes’ best book yet - a heart-pounding thriller that is impossible to put down!
    — The Real Book Spy
  • Envision Clancy, Forsyth, and Le Carre all writing in their prime, then kick in the boosters. Ben Coes blows the competition away!
    — Brad Thor on COUP D'ETAT
  • A rising star among the ranks of the literary world’s most successful authors of the international thriller.
    — Nashua Telegraph
  • Power Down marks the emergence of a major new talent in the political thriller genre - easily and immediately competitive with the very best the thriller field has to offer.
    — Fiction Addict
  • Independence Day is one of the year's best thrillers.
    — Publishers Weekly (starred review)
  • With Eye For An Eye, Coes delivers his best effort to date in this thriller starring Dewey Andreas, a maverick agent whom the alphabet agencies rely on to get the tough jobs done....Highly recommended.
    — Booklist (starred review)
  • My favorite novel in at least a decade. The writing was inherently masculine, brilliantly crafted.
    — Huffington Post on THE LAST REFUGE
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Ben Coes is the New York Times bestselling author of international political and espionage thrillers including Power Down, Coup d’État, The Last Refuge, Eye for an Eye, Independence Day, First Strike, Trap the Devil, and Bloody Sunday.

Ben’s books all center on Dewey Andreas, a former U.S. Special Forces soldier who was kicked out of the military after being falsely accused of crimes he did not commit. While fiction, all of Ben’s books are based on current events and are strongly influenced by friends who are or were in the military or intelligence circles.

The Russian, Ben’s 9th book, comes out in July. It is the first book in a new spin-off series featuring Rob Tacoma, a recurring character from the Dewey Andreas series. The series is domestic in focus and involves the Russian Mafia and America’s attempts to stop it. Tacoma is selected as part of a secret CIA unit given temporary permission to operate on U.S. soil. Ben will continue to write books in both series.

Ben went to Columbia College and was awarded the university's highest writing award, the Bennett Cerf Memorial Prize for Fiction.

Ben was a White House Intern under Ronald Reagan and served as a White House-appointed speechwriter to the U.S. Secretary of Energy during the Gulf War. He was a Fellow at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

Ben lives in Massachusetts with his wife and children.


The latest in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling Dewey Andreas series.


North Korea, increasingly isolated from the rest of the world, is led by an absolute dictator and a madman with a major goal―he's determined to launch a nuclear attack on the United States. While they have built, and continue to successfully test nuclear bombs, North Korea has yet to develop a ballistic missile with the range necessary to attack America. But their missiles are improving, reaching a point where the U.S. absolutely must respond.

What the U.S. doesn't know is that North Korea has made a deal with Iran. In exchange for effective missiles from Iran, they will trade nuclear triggers and fissionable material. An exchange, if it goes through, that will create two new nuclear powers, both with dangerous plans.

Dewey Andreas, still reeling from recent revelations about his own past, is ready to retire from the CIA. But he's the only available agent with the skills to carry out the CIA's plan to stop North Korea. The plan is to inject a singular designer poison into the head of the North Korean military and in exchange for the nuclear plans, provide him with the one existing dose of the antidote. But it goes awry when Dewey manages to inject a small amount of the poison into himself. Now, to survive, Dewey must get into North Korea and access the antidote and, while there, thwart the nuclear ambitions of both North Korea and Iran. And he has less than 24 hours to do so―in the latest thriller from Ben Coes.



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